This Year's Fair

The Fair this year is on Saturday 13th July 2024 - gates open at 12 noon and it takes place on Chelsfield Cricket Green BR6 7RL. Adults £5.00, children £2 and under fives free. Includes free programme.

The ability of Chelsfield Village Fair to stage a modest flying display is down to our being able to reduce the likelihood and the severity of risks. Our flying display area is over land we cannot control and we have implemented a number of measures to reduce risk to an acceptable level but we do need the public to help us on this.

Please do come to the Fair and watch the flying from the showground - do not congregate outside the Fair in areas under the flying display - you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk and if the pilots see groups of people watching from an unsafe area, they are within their rights to abort their display. This will spoil the enjoyment for the people at the Fair and the Fair will still have to pay for a full flying display. It's only £5 to get in so please just come to the Fair - it's a great day out anyway!

We are keeping Buck's Cross Road, the bottom of Maypole Road and the start of Hawstead lane coned to prevent parking and traffic build up. We have car parks so either get there early or, even better, come on public transport (R7 bus). You could even park in Orpington and walk up - it's not that far! If you are driving, please enter the village via the signposted routes of Warren Road or Church Road as this will get you to the car parks quicker. The car parks will fill up quite quickly and when they're full, they're full. Do not park on the lanes in the Village - they are too narrow and traffic build up could, once again, force us to cancel the flying displays.

We do not publicise the exact times of the flying display for several reasons. We want to avoid creating pockets of traffic into the village and, more importantly, we want to make it unattractive for non-paying public to watch from unsafe areas. The Fair is a 6.5 hour event during which there will be about 45 minutes of flying, so sitting outside is going to be largely unrewarding! So when you message us asking for the times of the flying, that's why we don't tell you.


Dave Griffiths
Flying Display Director - Chelsfield Village Fair