This Year's Fair

The Fair this year is on Saturday 13th July 2019 - gates open at 12 noon and it takes place on Chelsfield Cricket Green BR6 7RN. Adults £3.50 and children under-14 FREE. Includes free programme.

We are delighted to announce that today we received our permission to hold a Flying Display at Chelsfield Village Fair on 8th July. This has taken a good deal of work to achieve in the aftermath of Shoreham and the regulatory changes that triggered, but we have put together a safe, workable air display environment in which you can enjoy some truly masterful flying.

We would urge you not to view the display from outside the event; any build-ups of spectators in the area of the flying display itself will force the pilots to abort their displays. Please come along and support one of the best Fairs in the area.

Thank you.