This Year's Fair

The Fair this year is on Saturday 9th July 2022 - gates open at 12 noon and it takes place on Chelsfield Cricket Green BR6 7RN. Adults £5.00, children £2 and under fives free. Includes free programme.

Chelsfield Flying Club 2018 (CFC18) is now open for business. The Club, as you know, largely finances the superb flying displays we have each year at Chelsfield Village Fair. And the Club is able to do this through the generosity of its members who donate often in excess of £100 per person, each year toward the substantial cost of staging a small air show at the Fair.

The flying display this year will welcome back our favourites: Mark Jefferies performing unlimited aerobatics in his dazzling Extra 330SC and two items marking the centenary of the Royal Air Force: a Spitfire from Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar (it will be our 10th Spitfire display) and, new this year, a De Havilland Chipmunk which represents the fine history of training aircraft operated by the Air Force.

The cost will be in the region of £4,000 so the more we raise through CFC18, the more we can donate to our charities and good causes.

In addition to your names being listed on the website and the programme as well as being gushingly thanked over the PA by our commentator, you will receive an exclusive VIP printed plastic ID card on a lanyard which we would like you to wear at the Fair and it will entitle you to free entrance. The public will be encouraged to keep you supplied with drink!

To do so you can pay on line by going to You can donate any amount you like but the VIP pass is for those who donate £80 or more (per person).

Thanks very much!