This Year's Fair


The Fair this year is on Saturday 7th July 2018 - gates open at 12 noon and it takes place on Chelsfield Cricket Green BR6 7RN. Adults £3.50 and children under-14 FREE. Includes free programme.

Unfortunately the Breitling Wingwalkers' Stearman aircraft are in crates coming back from Japan and are not due to arrive until early July at which point they need putting back together and rigging all of which will mean that they will not be ready for the Fair. The aircraft which are in the UK will not be able to cover the distances required to display at Chelsfield without two additional refuelling stops so they have very reluctantly had to pull out.

This is a pain but these things happen.


We have booked Mark Jefferies, former World Aerobatic Champion who will be displaying his Extra 330SC aircraft for us. If you think you've see stunts, you ain't seen nothing. The Extra is ludicrously over-powered and has a roll rate of 420 degrees a second. Huge thanks to Mark for agreeing to display.